Pistol crossbow Stinger AR-6 with metal magazine
Pistol crossbow Stinger AR-6 with metal magazine
Pistol crossbow Stinger AR-6 with metal magazine
Pistol crossbow Stinger AR-6 with metal magazine
Pistol crossbow Stinger AR-6 with metal magazine
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Pistol crossbow Stinger AR-6 with metal magazine

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With the ultra-compact and tactical pistol crossbow Stinger AR-6 from Steambow, you are prepared for every situation! Whether it's effective shooting training in your own garden or for the zombie apocalypse. This versatile repeating crossbow will never let you down. The Stinger AR-6 pistol crossbow comes with a built-in laser sight (it is permanently installed and cannot be mounted on firearms!), a mechanical emergency sight, an accessory rail for an optional red dot sight and a vertical foregrip.

Technical data of the Stinger:

  • Draw weight: 80 lbs.
  • Arrow speed: 50 m/s
  • Magazine capacity: 6 shots
  • integrated laser sight
  • mechanical emergency sight (rear sight + front sight)
  • Rate of fire: depending on training, including reloading): up to 18 shots per minute
  • Weight: 1,377 g
  • Height: 22cm
  • Length: 50cm
  • Width 42cm

Scope of delivery:

  • Vertical foregrip
  • Instructions for use
The Stinger AR-6 pistol crossbow is a great way to practice shooting (and above all without annoying the neighbors with noise). You can have a fun shooting competition with friends or, where permitted, even shoot smaller game or pests. For hunting use, we recommend the optional tuning limbs with significantly higher performance (220 FPS, over 17 joules of energy). But the standard limb supplied (optimized for a high rate of fire) should not be underestimated either and delivers arrow speeds of up to 175 FPS. Watch the Stinger AR-6 in action on YouTube! Danger! This is NOT a toy! Improper use may result in serious Injury or death to people or animals! Please note Please be sure to check the applicable laws in your country. Crossbow hunting is prohibited in banned in many European countries. Proof of age is required for this item! Available from 18 years!

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