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Steambow Premium Arrow Backstop Mat

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The Steambow Premium arrow catcher mat made from the innovative SLYDARC foam offers unprecedented comfort for every archer and crossbow archer. As with the other arrow catcher mats, the premium arrow catcher mat also has an exceptionally good arrow stopping effect and thus protects the fletching. We recommend using a premium arrow backstop mat for:
  • All models of the AR-6 series (Stinger I and II)
  • FENRIS up to a draw weight of 60 lbs
We recommend using two premium arrow backstop mats arranged one behind the other for:
  • FENRIS with a draw weight of more than 60 lbs
  • Steambow Onyx
Attention: The premium arrow catcher mat should not be used until it has reached room temperature. Especially at lower outside temperatures, the SLYDARC foam of the TP-5711 may be too cold and therefore too hard when delivered. We generally recommend letting the mat acclimatize at room temperature for at least an hour. This will soften the consistency of the foam, preventing damage to the material. Using it at room temperature also ensures the soft-pull effect, which allows you to pull the arrows out of the backstop mat with just two fingers and without any effort. It doesn't matter what type of arrows you use. Even if you sink our AR series hunting arrows with the 90 lbs "PRO" limb into our premium backstop mat, they can be removed again without any problem. After the arrows have been pulled out, the foam of the mat closes itself again. The only thing that remotely reminds us of the arrival of an arrow is a small dark discoloration at the entry point. Note: Please note that despite the long service life of this premium arrow backstop mat, it is basically a wearing part.

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